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Kamehameha Finds Home

I’ve always wanted a dog of my own but never felt like it was the right time in my life. While I was in a long distance relationship with my now husband, I found myself constantly looking at GAIN’s website as a sort of coping mechanism for the loneliness I felt. One day I called my cousin to come with me to GAIN to just look at the dogs. When we were walking around I saw the cutest, softest 7 week old puppy named Kamehameha. He was so playful and adorable. The connection was instant and I knew I needed to adopt him so I started the paperwork right away. I remember him being so highly coveted because two other families came looking for him with the hope to adopt. I always think about how if I was hesitant and didn’t decide to adopt him that day, I would’ve never had the opportunity to know him.

Now Kamehameha is our Napu boy and he means everything to us. He completes our little family and we can’t imagine how our lives would be without him. He loves playing fetch, cuddling, massages, riding in the car with the windows down, sun bathing, and hanging out on the beach. He’s the smartest pup and has a whole repertoire of tricks he likes to show off to any willing treat-giver. Growing up on Guam, we always knew we wanted to adopt and we’re so glad we did.

Si yu’os ma’ase GAIN for giving us Napu.

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