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Guam Animals in Need is Guam's only operating shelter. We serve the community of Guam as an open admission shelter, where we will accept any animal no matter the reason.


At Guam Animals in Need, our mission is to improve the care of all animals on Guam by sheltering those in need. We are working hard to enhance public understanding of animal welfare, safeguard Guam’s cats and dogs with care and shelter, and proactively reduce stray populations

We envision a future in Guam where animals are treated with kindness, human-animal bonds thrive, and the stray population is ethically managed, inspiring a community of responsible pet ownership


Our organization was founded in 1989 and has since rescued and found forever homes for over 20,000 animals. In 2022 we were also able to bring back our SNIP (Spay and Neuter Island Pets) program where we also provide low-cost spay and neuter services to help reduce the overpopulation of pets on the island. 


If you have spent any time on Guam, you are aware of the massive pet overpopulation issue we are facing. There is an estimated 70,000 animals on our small 38 mile long island. 

We are tasked with taking in over 5,000 pets annually from the community and animal control. We are a small shelter and only have 54 operational kennels. We are working on expanding our capacity by building more kennels and cat houses, but still have many limitations like funding and adequate staffing levels. 

Our team of animals lovers are on the front line of this issue daily, and despite compassion fatigue, we show up every day ready to work and help solve this crisis on Guam. 


Guam Animals in Need is proud to work with a variety of partners on the island to support the pets of Guam. We work closely with the Department of Agriculture Animal Control Officers, The Mayors and their teams, our SNIP Clinic and also with The Boonie Flight Project. Together, we work to provide the best care possible for the animals we rescue and to promote responsible pet ownership in our community. 

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